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  • Born July 23

  • Lives in Lake Placid, Fl

  • Rides behind a 2018 Nautique G21

  • Loves: wakesurfing, snowboarding, kickboxing, weight lifting, and anything outdoors.




Jodi started wakesurfing in 2013, and started competing 2 months later. In her 1st year, Jodi received a sponsorship from Phase 5 Wakesurf Boards, and took 1st in the Amateur division at the World Wakesurf Championship. In 2014 Jodi competed in only 1 event in the Outlaw division before quickly moving up to the Professional level. Moving up to Pro caused Jodi to work harder and keep progressing. In the beginning of 2015, Jodi became sponsored by the best boat company on the market, Nautique Boats. In 2015 Jodi began traveling to many different states and countries for competitions, clinics, demos, and photo shoots. In 2017 Jodi earned herself her own pro model board through Phase 5 and won her first World title! By pushing herself and her limits, in 2018 she turned 1 title into 2. Along with being awarded Female Wakesurfer of the Year, and an overall ranking of #1 for the Womens Pro Skim division both years.


Jodi has progressed the sport like no other by her intense go big or go home style, raising the female standards. She has landed tricks never completed by females and set a record of "How many shuv it's completed in 1 hour" at 1,139 to raise money for the Wake for Warriors organization. There are so many riders who look up to her, whether it be her aggressiveness on the water or her social, approachable persona on land. Jodi loves talking to everybody especially the little ones coming up in the sport, after all, they are the future of it. Competition or not, Jodi is willing to help anyone or even take some advice because that is how the sport grows.

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